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Family moment
Tools used:
My submission for the THU'17 art challenge, theme - "THU Clan" with sharing your cultural heritage. For me The Clan means family, so I painted a family moment in folk Russian style. 
The story line: the family comes from the Unicorn clan (you can see clan's heraldic flag on the wall) and we see the moment when dad is carving a traditional toy (sacred family animal) for his daughter. He is a kind of 3D artist  in ancient way :)). You can also mention some symbols all around the picture, as a horseshoe above the door frame to hold all luck in the house and a horse pendant on the wife's braid to save her from evil spirits.
Tools used:
Family moment[1] - Art of Elena Selivanova
Family moment[2] - Art of Elena Selivanova
Family moment[3] - Art of Elena Selivanova
Family moment[4] - Art of Elena Selivanova
Family moment[5] - Art of Elena Selivanova